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Waterlife Biomature 100ml

Brand :: Waterlife


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BioMature is a scientifically formulated mixture of those bacterial nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts necessary for the rapid maturation of a bacterial filter. For the quickest maturation, use BacterLife concentrated bacteria culture after BioMature, before the creatures are introduced to the system. Maturing filters fully before adding any livestock is one of the best ways of avoiding ammonia/nitrite surges and will help prevent unnecessary fish losses. BioMature should be used in conjunction with Waterlife's Ammonia and Nitrite Test Kits.

• Activates filters
• Fishless cycler
• Keeps filtration bacteria alive, should your system ever be empty of fishes/invertebrates for more than 24 hours. e.g. in a quarantine/hospital tank.
• Reduces chance of "new tank syndrome"
• BioMature, like all Waterlife products is harmless to filtration bacteria

Sizes: 100ml

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Product Reviews

Review :: Waterlife Biomature 100ml

Submited By: Mr Andrew James Pole,  Thursday 03 April, 2014

  Really loved this product back years ago puts ammonia into water to mature Tank. WARNING don't put much in as it will make ammonia go too high, thay the darkest colour on colour charts will show up  

Review :: Waterlife Biomature 100ml

Submited By: Malcolm Morgan,  Monday 28 May, 2012

  I used this to do a fishless cycle. It was easy to understand and I found it to be the easiest out of all the methods used for cycling a tank.