Seachem Flourish comprehensive plant supplement 250ml (250ml)

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Flourish™ is a comprehensive plant supplement for the natural freshwater aquarium. It contains a rich assortment of important micro elements, trace elements and other nutrients. These include calcium, magnesium, iron and other important elements that have been shown to be beneficial to aquatic plants. For macro element (NPK) fertilization, use Flourish Nitrogen™, Flourish Phosphorus™ or Flourish Potassium™ as needed.

DIRECTIONS: Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 250 L (60 gallons*) once or twice a week. For smaller doses, please note that each cap thread is approximately 1 mL. Refrigeration after opening is recommended but not required.

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, Tuesday 24 December, 2013, 
Seachem Flourish comprehensive plant supplement 250ml
- Started to use the flourish comp a couple of weeks ago and dose 2ml in syringe twice a week. Plants have started to grow well and look a lot more healthy.
5/5 stars
, Thursday 28 November, 2013, 
Seachem Flourish comprehensive plant supplement 250ml
- Just over a week since first going in and already plants look greener. High hopes!
5/5 stars
, Wednesday 27 February, 2013, 
Seachem Flourish comprehensive plant supplement 250ml
- Cannot fault this comprehensive fertiliser. My plants are the greenest they've ever been and some of the slow to start/struggling ones I had like Vals and Stargrass are thriving! Great stuff.
5/5 stars
, Sunday 08 July, 2012, 
Seachem Flourish comprehensive plant supplement 250ml
- A nice easy to use product. Ideally get some syringes to make accurate doses. My plants look green and lush and are throwing many more runners and forming new plants compared to how they did in the past. Should last a while too. I dose only 3ml every 4 days in a 120l tank.
5/5 stars
, Wednesday 28 December, 2011, 
Seachem Flourish comprehensive plant supplement 250ml
- I love the seachem range, this is a great product, my plants really do get a boost from it. The strength of the stem plants and colour of the broad leaf plants is greatly improved.
5/5 stars
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