Orca TL450 Jumbo Nano Reef Aquarium (tl450)

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Overview Described by it's maker as; Novel, Vogue and Larruping aspect and Design it has a creative slide-type and turn-over type structure, the aquarium lid can be slid back and forth or turned over around the rear hinge. Further more, the aquarium lid can be slid & turned over to hang vertically on the rear wall outside the aquarium. This really is Reef keeping made easy with the new Orca TL450 Nano Reef System. This brand new aquarium is completely self contained.

This newest edition to the Nano Reef Cubes comes complete with filter system incorporating Heater, Protein Skimmer, UV Steriliser, LED Lights, Cooling Fans, Water Pump and built in bio chemical filtration system, 2 x 18w T5 10000k Lighting.

This affordable aquarium is perfect for not only the reef keeping specialist but is also a great place to start for the beggining hobbyist.

  • pl light tube
  • double low noise instrument fan
  • led light
  • protein separator
  • uv light system
  • heater
  • internal bio-filter system (water pump, filter sponge, filter bag, bio-balls, activated carbon and ceramic rings included)
Technical Data
  • tank spec
  • size:403 l x 484 l x 460h(mm)
  • cubage:58l
  • power saving light
  • volt:220/110v
  • freq:50/60hz
  • power:18wx2
  • submersible pump
  • volt:220/110v
  • freq:50/60hz
  • power:8.5w
  • flow :800l/h
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, Wednesday 13 June, 2012, 
Orca TL450 Jumbo Nano Reef Aquarium
- Great little tank, perfect size if your working to space restrictions. 40cm wide, 40cm high and 45cm deep. Stock pumps are a little noisy and I think I'll replace mine but heater is excellent. Excellent service and delivery from Charterhouse. Very pleased. Thank you.
4/5 stars
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