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JBL ProFlora CO2 pH Control

Brand :: JBL


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The pH-level indicates the acidity of the water. The higher the pH-level, the less acid is in the water, the proportion of alkali is higher (the opposite of acids). The lower the pH-level, the more acid the water contains. In aquariums and ponds the following levels are desirable.

Community aquariums: pH: 6,5 - 7,5

Ponds: pH: 6,5-7,5

Lake Malawi and Tanganyika aquariums: pH: 7,5-8,5

Saltwater (marine) aquariums: pH: If the pH-level is above the levels given, it should be gradually reduced. Before the pH-level is reduced, the pH-stability of the water must be checked! In order to do this, the carbonate hardness should be measured. In freshwater it should be between 4° and 10° German carbonate hardness (GCH) and in saltwater between 7° and 12° GCH. If the CH is below the levels mentioned, the pH-level is not stabilised and any alteration in the pH-level may lead to a sudden plunge in the CH! Instructions on how to adjust CH levels are given in the CH test.

The pH-level in the freshwater aquarium can be reduced by:

1) The addition of JBL Aquacid (pH-reducer)
2) The addition of CO2 (JBL Proflora CO2-System)
3) Filtering through JBL Tormec (black turf granulate)

The pH-level in the garden pond can be reduced by:

1) The addition of JBL Acilon (pH-reducer)
2) Filtering through JBL HumoPond (black turf granulate)

The pH-level in the saltwater aquarium can be reduced by:

1) The monitored addition of CO2 (JBL Proflora CO2-System Profi 3)

The pH-level in the freshwater aquarium can be increased by:

1) The addition of JBL Aquakal (raises pH-level)
2) Reduction in CO2-supply

The pH-level in the saltwater aquarium can be increased by:

1) The addition of JBL CalciuMarin (which stabilises the pH-level)

# Automatic regulation of the pH level by the CO2 supply
# Fully digital
# Junction socket for solenoid valve
# Long-lasting, temperature-compensated laboratory gel electrode
# Raises or sinks the pH level

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