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Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Brand :: Eheim


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The Professional 3 350 is part of the new external filter generation with even more technical benefits than the Professional II series.

Comes complete with original Eheim filter media. 

Summary of Features:-

  • A new priming principle 
  •  large pre-filter for easy intermediate cleaning and extra long service life
  • recessed handles and transport wheels
  • maintenance and flow rate indicator
  • adjustable pump output

Technical Specifications:-

  • For Tank litre: 350 ltr
  • Pump Output: 1050 ltr
  • Canister Volume: 7.4 ltr 
  • Delivery Head: 1.8m
  • Filter Volume: 4.5 ltr + 0.5 (pre-filter)
  • Power Consumption: 16 w
  • Dimensions: 440 x 290 x 240

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Product Reviews

Product :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter
Aggregate rating :: 5 out of 5
Based on :: 9 user reviews.

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: Andrew Francis,  Friday 08 November, 2013

  Its great, water clear as a bell within hours, and the bonus is, its almost silent,well worth the money so far, as ive only had it a few weeks  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: David Allen,  Thursday 08 August, 2013

  Easy to install and very quiet once set up. Should you experience a slight rattle on first starting this filter, detach the safety adapter and check that the white float under the red bracket on the inlet is correctly positioned.  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: Sarah Bailey,  Friday 30 March, 2012

  I brough this over five months ago and is happily keeping my 260L tank filtered. The instructions supplied are easy enough to set follow (used the pictures) and I have not had any problems what so ever with it. I'm so impressed that I am about to purchase the size smaller model for my second tank. Praise also goes to Charterhouse for their fantastic delivery and telephone customer support team who are always able to answer my questions.  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: Nigel Todd,  Wednesday 28 March, 2012

  First order from Charterhouse. Delivery time is amazing and packaging is perfect. As for the filter easy to set up and very powerful, have running in roma 240 tank and appears to cope well.  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: Gareth Kitching,  Tuesday 27 December, 2011

  I bought mine from Charterhouse 2 years ago and it's run perfectly with little maintenance or noise. Only downside is the positioning of the priming button which is under the tubes so slightly difficult to restart sometimes.  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: robin adams,  Saturday 24 December, 2011

  I have just set up my new Eheim 2073 3 350 Filter. I was very impressed with the priming system, worked easily and feels very strong. The filter is extremely quiet and the pressure at the spraybar is surprisingly good. This is a lot of filter for the money. I would highly recommend this filter.  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: Suleman Hussain,  Thursday 18 November, 2010

  Thought I would do my bit and leave a review, after having read everyone else's, they can be really useful for the next buyer. I have only been running this filter for a few weeks now, and am so far impressed, that I bought another eheim filter from their classic range which is also great! As for customer service, well the guys at Charterhouse are fantastic and very helpful, both when you collect personally, as I did, and when they deliver, which was also on time and well packaged! Highly recommended and I never look further than Charterhouse when it comes to aquatic needs. Very Competitive.  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: james caldwell,  Monday 15 March, 2010

  I have had an Eheim Pro3 350 running for a year now. Very quiet, extremley easy to prime and clean. Only maintenance needed in entire year was to clean the pre filter (mechanical filter coarse pad) and replace the find particle filter. No need to clean efi mech or substrate yet. Apart from when the fine filter pad needed changing I have a constant very strong flow rate. This thing is a green dream machine. The bentley of filters. highly recommend  

Review :: Eheim 2073 Professional 3 350 Filter

Submited By: Helene Turnbull,  Thursday 15 January, 2009

  Despite the 'low-power' marketing - this is a deceptively powerful filter. The plants in my 70L are swaying nicely. Priming is easy, and the priming button has a solid, robust feel to it.