Caribsea Super Natural Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20lb)

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CaribSea Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20 lb), Our pre-washed Super Naturals are designedwith your success and ease of use in mind. Packaged in sizes that make sense. The inert product will not affect your pH or alkalinity, allowing you to adjust both of these important water quality parameters any way you wish. To be used in marine aquariums, keep in mind you will have to use aragaMilk, or aragaMight to keep your alkalinity and pH up where they need to be!

All Super Natural gravels and sands are pre rinsed but it will be useful to wet and minimally rinse all of them.  Then place in aquarium and add water, (it may be useful to use the empty substrate bag or a plate to disperse water and minimize churning the substrate).

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, Sunday 24 November, 2013, 
Caribsea Super Natural Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20lb)
- The best sand on market, Charter House Aquatics Really good service
5/5 stars
, Sunday 10 November, 2013, 
Caribsea Super Natural Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20lb)
- Love this sand, it was also so clean only needed 3 rinses. a nice overall jet black
5/5 stars
, Wednesday 28 August, 2013, 
Caribsea Super Natural Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20lb)
- This sand is really beautiful in the aquarium. It is jet black and sparkles. Also feels soft for bottom feeders. I love it!
5/5 stars
, Tuesday 30 July, 2013, 
Caribsea Super Natural Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20lb)
- I have in the past used the normal coral sand, after a few problems with cyno and cleaning up my tank i wanted a change to remove the current sand and replace 80% of it with something different. I noticed this sand and had to try it out. Not many people use this but after i added it my corals now stick out and it brings out the colours. One bag goes a long way, i will be swithcing my other reef tank very soon to use this sand also. WOW, fantastic look.
5/5 stars
, Tuesday 04 June, 2013, 
Caribsea Super Natural Tahitian Moon Black Sand (20lb)
- this is the best substrate i have ever used, you need to see it in person to see its beauty. very easy to keep clean and my cory's love it, i have nothing bad to say about this product, its very very good
5/5 stars
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